Ireland Government Taking Right Approach To Casino Legislation

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The United States has been a leader on many issues when it comes to the World. Their mischievous ways of eliminating online gambling has not been an example that others have followed.
Ireland Justice Minister Brian Lenihan has decided that there is a middle ground when it comes to casino gambling. Originally thought to be in favor of banning it all together, he now believes there is compromise.
Lenihan has ordered that legislation be drawn up after the New Year to allow for casino gambling. Many strict rules will have to be adhered to before an establishment can even put in for a license.

One of the rules that will be drafted in the new Bill will be that a twenty one and over age limit must be followed. Another law will be that fingerprint recognition technology must be present.

A gaming commission is also in the works to make sure that all of the new laws are followed by anyone who is lucky enough to secure a casino license.

As of now, only one casino in Ireland would be in compliance with the laws that are set to be drawn up. Dermot Desmond’s Sporting Emporium would fit the bill. The owner of the casino spent a few million on the investment.
Members only games are popular in Ireland, but the new legislation would shut most of those games down. Other changes to the current legislation would be expanded taxes and a large casino licensing fee.

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