Is there a necessity for the rich to play

Rich people have the money to buy everything they could ever want food, clothes, things, location, friends and power. Some of the wealthy people overlook the importance of money, especially for those who earn it easily. For them, the value of money is not that high compared to the needy.

To them, money is just something to play with. With money, they can buy some pleasure and power. Winning or untying is not that important to them. Playing the game is the one thing that they enjoy the most. If they lose the game, they end up wanting to play a little more, because they know that loosing does not have their consequence for themselves. It’s like going out to buy. Some people go out to the mall and buy things they do not even need at all. It is as if it is the act of buying something that gives them pleasure.

There is a saying that money can not buy happiness, but that is the very thing that these people are doing. They get happy when they buy. The gamblers are the same, they are happy when they play. Giving up is hard for them because they have a lot of money to burn. Loosing money is the only way for them to feel alive and truly to feel the value of their money. They measure the value of money within how many times they can go again to the gaming houses.

Some rich people make the game as an excuse not to stay in the country. When they get home tired from work, their wives would usually ask them why they return so late in the evening. So they meet just their friends, drinking buddies and co-workers to lessen the stress. The game is often compared to drinking, it is the only time that friends get to meet and earn some money at the same time. It is also that many of the rich gamblers are males and they are all married for more than 10 striking years and have kids. These guys like going to casinos on average about once a month stay for a few hours, play some games and then head home.

There are companies that hold meetings and conventions in gambling houses. These companies take joy in this because their workers can do business during the day and have time to relax. In this way, employees also get to bond with their bosses and communicate in an informal and social tone.

So while there are many types of gamblers the real issue is because you play. Remember to always keep control and do not break your bank.

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